What do I need to enroll my dog at the daycare?

In order to come to Playtime Doggie Daycare, each dog must be neutered/spayed, on flea/tick preventative, non aggressive, dog friendly. We will also need to have on file, a copy of the following vaccination records: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella, and Lepto vaccines. Your dog(s) must also pass a temperament test (to be scheduled) prior to enrolling. 

What if I leave for work earlier than you open, or get out later than when you close?

We will be offering pick up and drop off, in the future. For now, early drop off and late pickup can be arranged prior, with an additional fee added on to that day. 

What is Puppy Kindergarten?

Puppy Kindergarten is a safe, controlled way of socializing your puppy, when they are too young to be around “the big boys” still. Early socialization for your puppy has been proven to help them later on in life. At Puppy Kindergarten they get to meet and learn to safely play with other pups their age, interact with humans, learn basic commands, and get their energy out! Contact us to learn more about our PK Saturday classes, and the requirement for your puppy.